Dive the SS Derbent, Anglesey

A great day out on the Julianne with members from Middleton SAC to dive the wreck of the SS Derbent which, considering the length of time it's been down there, is still in fairly good condition. Kitting up in a swell is not the best but with help from each other managed to all get in at slack water. This definitely needs to be dived in the right conditions as it's quite far out. The wreck lies on it's starboard side and, when we dropped down about mid-ships, first thought we'd landed on the seabed.

Training 19 June '17

Busy night. Sweltering heat. Six trainees with 5 Instructors (two doing dry suit training), try diver, new junior snorkeller, others just practising skills. Also a Sports Diver lecture. Get together afterwards at the Trackside Bar for a quick drink and a natter about training and trips, sitting outside at the tables on the station platform. Good sociable atmosphere.

Wet below, wet above!

Capernwray on a wet Good Friday doesn't sound very appealing, but add an underwater Treasure Hunt, hot pot, apple pie with cream, raffle prizes and Easter eggs for treasure hunt winners into the mix, followed by a trip to the pub, and the disappointment of the weather fades away. 17 of our club members, that's nearly half of the diving members, took part. Some went for the Treasure Hunt, whilst others did training dives.

Award for Best Candidate on the Advanced Instructor Course 2016

Alan Brown, Bury SAC 601 Diving Officer was presented with an award for Best Candidate out of 27 on the Advanced Instructor Course 2016. Well done and many congratulations to Alan in the recognition for all the hard work and commitment that he's put in this year - it is well deserved.

Expedition Trophy Award at the BSAC Dive Conference 2016

Joint award for SubC SAC and Bury SAC for their joint expedition to Northern Ireland in 2015. This is awarded annually for an expedition that promotes the true spirit of adventurous diving, taking into account the satisfaction of having completed the aims of the expedition safely, successfully and more importantly know that those participating enjoyed the experience. It is brought to the attention of the BSAC Expeditions Officer by first submitting an Expedition Report and completing the relevant application forms.

Weymouth Dive Trip with Preston SAA

Great weekend with Preston SAA diving off Tango, Weymouth. Weather was good especially Saturday when we dived the Salsette, the water was almost like a mirror it was so flat. Still dark and murky at the bottom but was reassured that this was good viz for diving this particular wreck. We also got to dive on the Alex van Ostal, although this was really murky and you couldn't actually see very much further than a couple of feet in front of you.

Red Sea Diving

The Club went on a trip to Hurghada to dive some Red Sea sites. We stayed on the MV Blue Fin, which was a very nice and comfortable yacht.
The diving consisted of a variety of reef dives and wreck dives. Highlights included diving the Thistlegorm, the Giannis D, the Rosalie Moller and an hour spent diving with a pod of wild dolphins.

Ramsbottom Duck Races and Chocolate Festival 2016

Some of our intrepid members helped once more at the Rotary Club's Annual Duck Races, held in conjunction with the Chocolate Festival in Ramsbottom. This year, instead of having to share a tent with the "Kiddies' Boat Building" entries we borrowed a 'tent' from BSAC. The better than usual weather attracted more crowds and this resulted in many more people making enquiries and taking information leaflets from Elaine, Heather and Hilary.

Capernwray Night Dive

Seven of us decided to brave the waters of Capernwray on a November night. For some it was a first night dive, for others it was their first in British waters, having done many in warmer climes.

We started gathering about 3pm in lovely sunshine, not a typical November day. The water wasn't a typical November temperature either - a luxurious 13 deg! On occasions I've been colder up there in the middle of Summer.

Oxygen Administration - An Instructors View

Some of our members are currently doing their Dive Leader training, a large part of which is covered by the Skill Development Course, Oxygen Administration. I was asked to run the course and we eventually settled on a date, which was advertised around the club and with our friends in SubC. We got 6 students, 4 wanting to do the full qualification and 2 who wanted to do it as their Dive Leader training.