Diving the Battleships in Scapa Flow

The three remaining battleships of the High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow are SMS Konig, SMS Markgraf and SMS Kronprinz Willhelm. These are all from the Konig class of dreadnought, the first in the High Seas Fleet to have their main armourment positioned down the centre line of the ship so that all of the guns could be bought to bear for either port or starboard broadside.

Diving and snorkelling at Capernwray 14 July 2018

I went to Capernwray and I saw a perch biting my fin. I also kicked up dirt from the floor and perch and a few other fish came to eat it. While I was snorkelling I let out a bit of bread and a lot of fish came circling around my feet eating up all of the bread. I saw quite a lot of trout which were as long as my arm. I wanted to see the sturgeon, but I wasn't going deep enough. The deepest I went was to the plane, but I couldn't see down to the plane. I was impressed by how clear the water was, until I saw that when it got deeper it got darker.

Annual pilgrimage Porthkerris 2018

Dive trip to Porthkerris. August 2018
We drove down to St Keverne for our annual diving pilgrimage. Some of us were camping in our usual field at the Village campsite. The pigs were much quieter this year, no usual squabbling or loud snoring (except for Alan). This is because poor Winston the old pig had died (RIP).
All the other divers and partners were scattered in the other B&Bs like the Old Temperance House or Parc N’Grouse.